Sunday, April 3, 2011

things that automatically make you look dumb

Great title yeah?  I normally try to keep them short, but there's no one word that sums up this post.

Hence, things that automatically make you look dumb.

As I walk around campus I LOVE to people watch.  It's just so entertaining.  You might think that BYU students are all the same, and in some cases they are, but they don't all look the same.  There's the Utah mormons, the California mormons, the easterners, the list goes on and on.

Ok, that has nothing to do with the topic of this post.  

But as I look around, I notice certain clothing or "accessories" that never fail to make the poor victim look weird or stupid. 

1) Rolling Backpacks

I don't care how cool you are, if you pull one of these around you WILL look stupid.  Even when I was in elementary school I knew these things were for nerds and if I wanted to be normal I'd wear my backpack on my back.  I'm sorry if you use a rolling backpack, because this is really harsh, but if you don't know this by now, you really need to hear this.

When I think of the kind of person wheeling their backpack around I picture an old lady going to college classes, or a nerd who has no reason to use one of these yet.  One morning I was walking to class when I heard this loud rumble. It was so loud, everyone turned around to see where the source of the noise was.   That's when we saw the girl running and pulling her backpack behind her to class.  I still can't believe how much noise that backpack produced. 

2) Big headphones
This one's a hard call.  These headphones produce better sound quality blah blah, but only certain people can wear them without looking like a tool or a wanna be.  Typically, I think they look the best on bigger guys that are more serious about their music. Sadly, not all of us are not muscular and beautiful like this man above, so they make us look dumb.   Plus, they take up a ton of room in your backpack.

3) Knee scooters

Ok, so before I start, I realize that if you use one of these it's obviously not your fault. 

When I was younger I thought crutches were SO COOL.  I was so jealous of those "lucky" kids who broke their leg over the summer and came to school with crutches.  Then I got older and realized how much it would suck to have to use crutches.  Imagine using crutches when you're in college, which requires lots of walking.  It's basically impossible.  So they invented knee scooters.  It's actually a pretty smart idea and makes transportation much easier, but it still makes you look dumb.  Sorry.

4) Hoodies with earphones
Does anyone think this looks weird?  If you're not familiar with this new phenomenon, you basically attach your ipod to a headphone jack in the pocket connected to the drawstrings.  The drawstrings have headphones at the end which you can "conveniently" put in your ears.  This website takes them pretty seriously.  I just don't get it.  It's really not that hard to put my ipod in my sweatshirt pocket and use the actual headphones.  But that's just me...

I'd like to think of this blog as a public service, because if you use any of these, do yourself a favor and stop. You deserve a better first impression.