Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Dad is also pretty awesome

Just like Mother's Day, I am not home in Ohio to celebrate Father's Day.  So I'm dedicating this blog post to my dad.
Those are chopsticks.  Sometimes we use them for eating too.
 Once again, I'm not bashing on any of your dads.  They're all great men, but this post is about my dad, and how I think he's better. 

My dad is really cool.  I have never been embarrassed by him (or my mom) and I'm always proud to bring my friends home to meet them.  I've been told numerous times by my friends that my dad was "so cool," and I agree.  He's funny and I'm pretty sure he was voted class clown in high school.  I'm not 100% if that's correct, but it's the thought that counts, right?

 In a lot of ways I am like my dad.  I'm glad because luckily he isn't a boring person, which hopefully means I'm not too boring either. 

Because of my dad I rollerblade.  You can laugh all you want, but I'm pretty darn good.
This one is for you, Tiffany.

Because of my dad I love to ski.  He has sick form and you can pick out his carve from everyone else on the mountain.  It wasn't very hard to convince him to take me skiing on schooldays if we got a lot of snow.  It was awesome.

Because of my dad my whole family is obsessed with sunflower seeds.  It's not something we eat just on summer days, we eat sunflower seeds after dinner, during movies, car trips, and basically any other time of the day.
We give really good Christmas presents.
My dad has many responsibilities in work and church, but he handles stress extremely well.  He never complains, and he just does what he needs to.  Before he became his own boss, my dad worked for some less than excellent people.  He worked late hours, and I remember how excited I was when he would come home at night.  We would attack him and then demand his attention, because we knew he would give it.

I used to be a really big tomboy and my dad used to say that I was his replacement for a son.  That was basically the best thing he could ever say, and I freaking loved it.  I'd play catch with him and whenever he complimented my throwing arm I felt pretty darn good. 

Grocery shopping with him is the best.  We get what we need, but we also get sugar cereal and ice cream, etc.  My dad might be a financial planner, but my mom is the one who controls the money spending a lot of the time.  If we get some new toy it's because of my dad.  That's why we have a Playstation and Wii.  Remember this post about Just Dance? 

Once again, I have to go to work, so I can't continue on.  My dad is one cool guy and I love him THIS MUCH!!
Just another awesome picture for the road.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Right now I don't have a ton of responsibilities.  I have one class and I'm only scheduled for a 12 hour work week, so I want to be productive.  Netflix will always call my name, but I want to actually DO something.  It's kind of weird when your day isn't filled with a bunch of crazy.  I sort of get bored and then depressed.  Not forrizzles depressed, but I get mildly disgusted with myself. 

This is a Netflix zombie.  The ironic part is I watched Sherlock on Netflix while I drew this.

So today I played my cello.  I did my homework.  I wrote in my journal.  I didn't exercise...though I do have to ride my bike to work, so I'll make that count.  And now I'm going to blog.  Because that's what good mormon girls do. 

That was a joke.  Kind of.

I really have nothing to talk about though.  There's no title to this blog post yet, so I could write about whatever I liked.  Well, I already do that, but you know what I mean.   Maybe I should write in stream of consciousness.  No, that stuff's cray cray.  Plus, I really don't want to document my thought process.  I'd sound like an idiot.  An idiot that pretty much only thinks about what she will eat next. 

Every once in awhile I get hit with a bout of GENIUS.  And this is not one of those times, but I did figure out what I'm going to do in this blog post.  I'm going to go on the yahoo home page and briefly discuss the trending searches.  I won't be offended if you stop reading now. 

These are the top 5 trending.  I'm too lazy to do the top 10.
1.  Taco Bell menu items:  Taco Bell is good if you are broke.  It's also good if you like to kill your intestinal tract. 
2.  Vampire skeletons:  I know vampires are all the rage right now, but their skeletons?  Who feels the need to just search vampire skeletons?  People are weird.
3.  Bored Facebook users:  Yeah this makes sense.  Facebook is boring.  And totally addictive.  Which is why it's of the devil. 
4.  Kelsey Grammer: I'll admit, I had no idea who this chick was.  So I Googled her (like I'd actually use Yahoo's search engine).  Turns out Kelsey's a man.  What were his parents thinking?  Also, why are people searching the guy from Frasier now? 
5.  Weight-loss tips: Here's my advice: Stop searching the Taco Bell menu.  It's all bad.

Well that was kind of fun and somewhat productive.  Now I can watch the rest of Sherlock with a little less guilt.