Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Exciting Life #4

I'm getting absolutely nothing done right now, so I guess it's time for the weekly update of my thrilling life.

Earlier last week I pretended to be Polynesian.  I danced in the New Zealand section for BYU's Lu'au. Basically, I was awesome.  That's probably why I was in the back row the entire performance.  I pick up on most things pretty quick, but that was NOT the case for twirling poi balls.

See? Doesn't look so easy huh.  Ok, so our moves weren't nearly that difficult, but you get the idea.  I'll just stick with my nunchucks.

Samoa section.  I would include New Zealand, but I was a little busy at the time...

Thank you Treana for making this picture so much better.

Jenai came!

Then I had class for the rest of the week, blah, blah.

BYU doesn't have a spring break.  Yeah I KNOW.  So I don't get a spring break, but my little sister, Lily, does and she came on Saturday to spend the week with me and Jenai!

Tiffany and I picked up Lily at the Salt Lake Airport and somehow we managed to get off on two wrong exits before we got to there.  Mind you, it's a straight shot to the airport on I-15.  We're both half asian, so together we make one full asian, and you know what they say about asian drivers...So we finally picked up Lily and then Tiffany failed to get on to the freeway and we wandered around for 20 so minutes.  Then we finally got back on track and we missed the exit by UVU.  Hey, maybe we WANTED to take the scenic route home.

I am happy to announce that we did indeed make it back to the dorms, and because of the delay, we had to leave for the Holi Festival of Colors right after.  Let me tell you, that was an experience; a highly overrated experience.  Of course I had fun, but based off of all the pictures on facebook, I feel like people go mainly to get a new profile picture.  That, or they enjoy enhaling colored powder. 

Considering the majority of us were mormons, I'm pretty sure they weren't there to actually worship Hare Krishna.
 my poor left eye.  the contact was died purple.

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