Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Exciting Life #5

If you're an avid follower of my blog - which I assume you are - you're probably confused with when  "My Exciting Life" entries are posted.  Well, initially I planned to write them on Sundays, but I normally go to my sisters after church so that wouldn't work.  Then I decided Mondays were just as good because I could reflect on my whole week.  As you can see, that's not workin out too well either, so I'm sorry.  My life is just too darn exciting and busy to be a regular blogger. 

Alright so last update I mentioned that my Lily came into town to visit me and Jenai.  I'm pretty sure she was way impressed with our awesome college lifestyles.  In other words, Lily got to go to all my classes, eat multiple meals from the vending machine, and took lots of naps. 

Lily also got to experience the joys of having no car.  I think it was Wednesday when we decided to go see a movie at the dollar theater.  We got to walk there.  The next day was AWESOME weather, so we hiked the Y.  We didn't just hike, we also walked from my dorm to the base of the Y and then back to my dorm.  It took almost three hours.  But I'm not complaining, I like that stuff.  Plus, we got to see a celebrity because we walked home. 

Ok, so maybe not a celebrity, but around here she is.  I'll give you some clues and you're gonna guess who we saw.

1) She's a mormon mom who has a very popular blog.
2) She was in an airplane wreck and burned 80% of her body two years ago.

You guessed it, Stephanie Nielson!  Alright most of you probably still don't know who I'm talking about.  Here's her blog.  She also was featured in a Mormon Message last year.  I'll post it. 

Now that you know who this Stephanie Nielson is, I can go back to MY life.  That's why you're reading this anyways, right?  

 So Lily and I had descended the Y and we were basically dying from exhaustion.  We still had to walk about 1.5-2 miles back to the dorms, so we were doing anything to reserve our leg strength.  The neighborhood you have to walk through at the base of the trail is really steep.  Probably because it's a mountain...anyways Lily discovered that when you walked down the hill backwards it didn't strain our legs so much.    While I was walking backwards (looking cool of course) I heard a motorcycle approaching us, so I looked behind me to avoid getting run over.  I noticed that the vehicle had three passengers.  One husband, one wife, and a kid.  As they passed us by, the women turned towards us and it was STEPHANIE NIELSON.  For a lack of better words, Lily and I freaked out.  

So I was excited.  Since I follow (stalk) her blog, I knew that she would be attending a showing of a documentary of Marius, another burn victim, at the JSB on BYU campus.  I had to go.  I wanted to meet her for real.  

Well guess what.  I went and met her.  She hugged us all and said she remembered me from last week.  I nearly died. 
I'm still kind of freaking out.  Blogs are an interesting thing.  Though I know you all absolutely LOVE my blog, it's still new, so I don't quite have the same fan base that NieNie has.  YET.  The people that read my blog know me because I shamelessly advertise my blog on my facebook page.  In Stephanie's case, people that she's never met follow her blog and know so many details about her life.  I feel like I know her just because I read her blog.  Creepy yeah? 

This applies to vlogs too.  I don't follow any vlogs except Shay Carl's.  Ever watched any Shaytard videos on youtube?  Chances are if you spend as much time on youtube as I do, you've seen at least one. 

The first time I watched one of his videos, I was bored.  Then I started watching more and I fell in love with his family.  Then I found out they are mormon.  But that's besides the point. 

My point is:  I like to stalk perfect strangers.

Darn it.  I got off topic again.

The rest of my week was pretty good.  Mike, Jenai, Lily, and I ate pho.

Then we DROVE in a car.

Then Mike randomly decided to get a haircut, Lily got a mango lassi at the Bollywood market, and then we had dinner with the Crains!!!  They're basically our second family that used to live in Medina.  I was an idiot and forgot to take pictures.

Saturday Lily went home and I sat in front of Jenai's tv for 10 straight hours.  Four of those hours were devoted to General Conference, so maybe that's not so bad.

This was way too long of a post.  For this, I apologize.

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