Saturday, April 30, 2011


Before I rant about prom, watch this trailer.

Come on Disney.  I really expected better from you.  But then again, I shouldn't be surprised.  High School Musical 3 beat them to it.

And yes I did watch HSM3, but not until they aired it on TV...

I must warn you that I'm incredibly bias, so I'm not going to support the counter argument.  Disney's done enough for that.  Anyway, my opinion is the only one that counts in these blogs.  Muahaha. 

High school most be pretty sad if it's defined by our Senior Prom.  It's NOT the most important night of our lives, and it's NOT what we've been looking forward to since birth.  Well, I hope not. So what is high school?  Hell.  Actually middle school is Hell, high school isn't nearly as bad.  But it's not amazing and prom isn't life changing.  Unless you get knocked up that night.

OK that got out of hand fast.

I never really liked school dances.  They were sweaty, slutty, and overrated.  I still went though; apparently I wasn't getting the "high school experience" if I skipped.  I will now force you to look at the homecoming pictures of when I was cute and skinny.

Freshman year.  My mom made my dress:)

Junior.  Finally allowed to have a date.  Dress #2 made by Mom.
I went senior year too, but I only have a couple pictures and I look fat.  Soooo looks like you'll have to stalk me on facebook to see them.

Yeah, so as I was saying.  I wasn't a fan of school dances, BUT I did have fun at Prom.  See, I'm not completely bias.  My date was pretty hot also.  Too bad I was the one who did the asking...
Does my jacket look oddly familiar?  I wore it Sophomore year also.  It fit better back then.

Movies make prom seem like a big deal.  I can't blame it all on the media though.  Prom was the main topic of conversation at school the month prior.  It drove me crazy.  I'm telling you, I'm not a girl.  I really don't care what your dress looks like, and I don't want to try and explain what mine looks like to you.  The problem is, all the other girls cared, so I would smile and nod as they would explain their dress in great detail.

Girl: "OMG guys, I bought my dress yesterday!!  Actually I bought three because I couldn't decide."

Other "normal" girls: "(squeel)  That's so EXCITING!  What do they look like?"

Girl: "Well, the first one is dark blue, strapless, and kind of gathers around my waist.  It also has sequins on the torso and...(By this time I stop listening.  They all sound the same.)

Other girls:  "Wow that sounds so pretty.  I can't wait to see you wear it!!!!!"

Girl:  "Thanks.  So Kristen, what does your dress look like?"

Me:  "It's black and kind of a brassy color. "

Girl:  "Oooooo what else?!"

Me:  "Uhh, it's long?"

Yeah.  I avoided those conversations like the plague.  I also realized once I got to Prom that it's a much more formal dance than I thought.  I'm pretty sure I was the only person that didn't have my hair done professionally.  I didn't even wear more make up than usual.  My supply was pretty limited.
Hey.  I did have a fancy braid AND my hair was curled.
Alright maybe I wasn't extremely excited for Prom because I'm not a normal girl, but still.  It's really not that big of a deal so please stop making movies about it.


  1. I totally agree! Prom is just an excuse to spend a butt load of money, but hey its a right of passage.Everyone has to go through with it, so everyone ought to make the most of it. Unlike every other senior in high school, prom was actually the best day I had as a senior, but hopefully not the best night of my LIFE. Hopefully that will be my wedding ;]

  2. That's a beautiful dress Kristen! But yes, I concur. Prom is way overrated. And I love your dialogue haha

  3. hahahah Kristen i love your posts. remember when Hailey asked me about my bridesmaid dress and i was like "oh, its blue" and she just stared at me and i was thinking "what else do i say?" haha. anyways, this post just reminded me of that

  4. yes summer, i totally remember because that's when i decided i loved you even more. finally a girl i can relate to!

  5. your junior year date was totes in my freshman ward! I never say totes....