Monday, April 18, 2011

My Exciting Life #7

It's finals week.

Last semester that meant spending endless hours with Harold, going to tons of reviews, and getting kidney stones from the stress.  Ok so I didn't get kidney stones, but everything else is true. 

This semester has been VERY different from Fall semester, and that goes for finals week too.  I've spent less than two hours in the library, went to two short reviews, and I haven't been stressed.  Well, I have been stressed, but not really.

I took three finals today.  I know, I'm a beast.  Actually I'm not.  I did ok on my Music final, and the papers I turned in for Writing were satisfactory, but I didn't do so hot on my Book of Mormon or Marriage Prep test.  They say you can't grade your testimony, but that isn't comforting enough when your worst grade for the semester is in your religion class.  Don't even get me started on Marriage Prep.  I took that class for an easy A with all my roommates, but I'm just hoping I get above a B-.

So this is my theory.  I do better in my hard classes than my easy classes because I try.  I guess I deserved my marriage prep grade, I didn't do anything in that class but sleep.  I DID learn a lot  though. I highly recommend it.  Just don't sleep.

I'm gonna take Sociology tomorrow and then I'm done!  Not really, I still have to pack up everything in my room.  CAN'T WAIT.

I go home Friday.  If your are in Medina please hang out with me.  I will be bored after the first week.

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