Monday, April 25, 2011

My Exciting Life #8

I'm home in Ohio now, so maybe I should stop writing "My Exciting Life" entries.  Just kidding, my life can be exciting no matter how anti-social it may become this summer.

It was really sad to leave BYU and my freshman year, but no need to dwell on it.  It was fun while it lasted.  I grew up a lot, got smarter and fatter, and made some awesome friends.  This summer I'm going to get dumber and skinnier, and try to find friends.  I can't wait!

Now that I'm home I feel like I'm living in a 5 star hotel.  Scratch that.  Hotels don't have stocked refrigerators with free food, four bathrooms and bedrooms, and multiple TVs.  Actually I think they do, but I've never stayed in a 5 star hotel so I wouldn't know... Whether it's like a 5 star hotel or not, I'm enjoying home.  I also haven't eaten out once since I've been home.  That makes me way happy. 

On Saturday I went on a run.  I thought I'd be awesome because I could run in Utah which has barely any oxygen.  Ohio may have more oxygen in the air, but there's also more water.  I felt like I was drowning from the humidity AND my sweat.  Long story short, I ran for 15 minutes and then gave up.  Later I went rollerblading with Lily.  Yeah, I know rollerblading is so 90s, but if you saw me tear up the suburban neighborhood streets you wouldn't make fun of me.  I'm a pretty awesome rollerblader.

Church was fun.  Sacrament meeting was pretty loud.  It's not as reverent as my student ward at BYU, but I also didn't feel like if I breathed everyone in the room would hear me.

Today I woke up, ate, exercised, showered, and by that time Lily was already back from school.  Speaking of Lily, she got a 31 ACT score.  As a sophomore.  Technically she should be a freshman, but she skipped 8th grade.  What the heck.  Y I NO SMART??  (memebase reference)

Oh wait, I also kind of unpacked.
Most of that stuff is in my closet and dressers.  See, I was productive today.

I also worked out for a second time today with my mom.  I'm her personal trainer now.  I'm telling you, I'm the next Jillian Michaels.  Now that I've finished my freshman year, I also have a fat story like Jillian.

Don't worry, I really don't think I'm fat.

Good news.  I still have my job at Subway.  If you live in Medina, come get a sub made by me.  I'm a sandwich artist.

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