Monday, April 11, 2011

My Exciting Life #6

Yesterday it snowed.  Today it's nice out.
This wasn't taken today, but nice weather still makes me happy.

I took advantage of the good weather and went on a run.  I lasted 25 minutes.  I really should be exercising more.

On Saturday BYU's 153 ward had a talent show and slide show for the end of the year.  It was sad.  The end is near and I don't want to go home.  Only two more days of actual classes.

So with these last days of the semester I can't help but reflect on all the things that happened my first year at BYU.  Then I get sad, because I'm gonna miss it.  To make myself feel better, I made a list of all the things I WON'T miss from my freshman year.

1) Living in a dorm room the size of a prison cell.
Tree was NOT happy when I took this.

2) Our nasty bathroom.  We clean it about once a month.  It's gross.

3) Cheap toilet paper from the Creamery.
Sometimes we run out.  That's when tissues and paper towels come in handy.

4) Eating full meals from the vending machines.

5) Walking everywhere.

6) Writing papers.

7) Studying for exams.

8) Getting fat.

Well, I was aiming for a list of at least 10, but I'm struggling. I guess it's a good thing that I like college.  I was never a fan of school until college.  So if any of you are still in high school, don't worry, it gets better.  MUCH better.

Man I love going off on tangents.

If you recall, I was talking about my weekend.  After the talent show we went to the movies and saw Soul Surfer.  (Bethany Hamilton's story here.)  First time I ever cried from a movie.  Contrary to what many believe, I DO have a heart, I just don't like to cry in front of people.  I'll cry when I'm alone, so books and tv shows are fair game.  For example, I cried while reading Where the Red Fern Grows; from watching The Biggest Loser, and the Winter Olympics.  Don't judge.

Anyways, I give two thumbs up to Soul Surfer.  Very inspirational.  It can get a bit cheesy, but that was expected.  Oh, and Carrie Underwood should probably stick with singing...

P.S.  I'm still obsessed with Britney's new album.

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