Monday, March 14, 2011

My Exciting Life #2

Last week actually was pretty exciting.

It was my birthday on Friday, but I had a surprise birthday party on Wednesday.  Meghan, one of my roommates, was leaving on Thursday, so they wanted to celebrate my birthday before she left.  Amazingly, I was still surprised even though there were plenty of reasons why I shouldn't have been.

Reason #1: Meghan basically told me they were going to do stuff for my birthday before she left.

Reason #2: A few days before, my roommates stopped talking about my birthday altogether.

Reason #3: Meghan opened the Facebook surprise birthday invitation right in front of me.  I pretended not to see, but I definitely did.

Reason #4: Alyssa wished me happy birthday on Wednesday, when it wasn't till Friday.

So all those things combined made me pretty sure they were gonna do something for my birthday on Wednesday.  It doesn't take a genius to figure that out.  Nevertheless, by 8pm I was pretty sure nothing was going to happen.  Tree and Meghan had gone on one of their late-night walks and Tiffany was just lounging on her bed.

Or so I thought.

Emily sent me a text at 9 to come over.  So I did.  Then she told me to go to the vending machines with her.  So I did.  It didn't even cross my mind that this may be an excuse to get me into the Taylor Hall Lobby.  Then I walked in and there was the party.  So after all that, I actually was surprised.
My loves.  For some reason we look really top heavy.  Especially Tiffany...
It took me about 4 times to blow out the candles.  

Just some lovely girls.  They wore orange b/c it's my favorite.
This isn't a very flattering picture. Our heads look huge, but I needed to include my roommie!

Later that night I opened my presents that came in the mail earlier that day.  I told my mom I would wait till my birthday to open them, but obviously that didn't happen. 
Tiffany was just as excited as me.

Thanks Mom, she really loved the bubble wrap.

Yay purple case for my laptop.

Then on Friday, my REAL birthday, I went skiing Jacob and Sheldon and then hung out with my girlfriends.  Can you believe it? I actually have friends, THAT ARE GIRLS!!!

On Saturday I basically went to Luau practice all day.  It was ok, except for it was dress rehearsal and I was the ONLY person without a costume on.  Want to know why?  Because my butt was too big. Really, it was so tight, it pulled my underwear down when I tried it on.  I skipped last week's rehearsal for the Wyoming game, so I didn't get fitted in my costume.  That was part of the problem, but Tree didn't either, and her costume fit perfectly.  Gahhh that sucked.

Our ward rented out the Varsity theater and watched Tangled. But the best part was when we premiered our music video.  Pure gold right thar.

Impressed? You should be.  I always knew I was meant for the spotlight.

Sunday I got to celebrate my birthday for a third time at Jenai's place.  She made me delicious pierogies.  I ate a lot.  I really love pierogies, which is why my first email address and most of my usernames are iloveperogies92.  Yes, I spelled pierogies wrong in my email...I don't want to talk about it.  I also had my mom's awesome cheesecake which Jenai also made.  It was delicious.

So that's my exciting life at the moment.  Sorry if you were bored.  But you know what they say...only boring people get bored.


  1. Kroda. I like this post.
    I need to try these pirogies things. Or however you spell that.
    You're funny.