Friday, March 25, 2011


This is Mark Zuckerberg:

He created this:

He also spoke at BYU today.  Too bad I forgot my camera, I could've added the pictures on my facebook page to make all my friends jealous.

I will now commence to discuss facebook.  First of all it's genius.  Second of all it's genius.  I don't even want to know how much time I waste on facebook each day.  And I don't mean spend time on fb, I mean WASTE.  Mark Zuckerberg created a social network, but you can only spend so much time being social on facebook.  The rest of the time is spent creeping on others' pictures and lives in general.

I will now narrate my life in context of facebook. 

First, I wake up, get out of bed, open laptop, check facebook.  Get to class, pull out my laptop, check facebook.  Get on laptop to check weather, automatically go on facebook, then remember why I initially got online.  Get home, get on facebook.  Start homework, open facebook, do some homework, check facebook, write a couple sentences of my essay, check facebook.  Get ready for bed, check facebook.  Go to bed.  Repeat daily.

 Note: My life consists of more than just going to class and homework, but the facebook part is true.

I was a freshman in high school wen I joined the dark side.  I had a Myspace, but my older sister was in college and used facebook.  That was the new cool thing, so I got one too to keep in touch with her.  Basically no other freshman used facebook yet, so it was kind of worthless.  Then people caught on and the rest is history.  Now little fourth graders friend me on facebook.  That may be a bit ridiculous.

A lot of things have changed on facebook since then.  And every time we all freaked out.  Then we got used to the changes.  Then they'd change something else, and we'd freak out again.  It's an endless cycle, but in the end they were improvements.  Except for that weird black thing that pops up when you view pictures.  That's just plain annoying.

Facebook has been great to connect with old friends.  You kind of say "hi remember me?"  have a little conversation, and then commence creeping on their wall.  Nothing is more interesting than seeing how different your friends look 5-10 years from when you knew them.  The difference is even better for the older generation of reconnecting facebook users.

You can tell a lot about a person by their facebook.  Of course you have to do some snooping to do this, but we're all natural born creepers; that's why facebook is such a success.  You can see if you have mutual friends, where they live, where they got their education and when, where they work, what languages they speak, and their relationship status.  This is just the basic stuff that is listed at the top of your profile.  The rest of the information comes from actual creeping.  And for the record, no relationship is official until it's FACEBOOK OFFICIAL.

Even though I love facebook, there are some things that really bug me about it.  Actually, facebook doesn't annoy me, it's the people on it.

 So here's a list of all the things that make me cringe:
1) People who post lyrics as their status.  I never catch on and automatically assume they're depressed.
2) Photo albums that are of the same three girls posing in 40 different positions/faces in front of their mac.  We got the idea by the second picture, the 38 additional photos aren't necessary.
3) Statuses that tell where you are and what you're doing.  I really don't care if you're going tanning and then hanging with your bffs for the night.
4) People that play lots of facebook games and then never clear their cluttered fb wall.  This makes creeping hard.
5) People who still invite me to play farmville.  My name is Kristen Oda and I've been sober from farmville for over a year.
6) That 30-Day Challenge thing.  I don't know if I'm the only one, but I'm not interested in your biggest fear or favorite childhood memory.
7) People who end their status with "text me :)"

Believe me, I have more, but I don't want to make this blog totally negative.  Plus, I don't want to offend more people.  I'm sorry if you are guilty of some of the things mentioned above.  It's just my personal opinion...which I value highly.

My roommate recently deleted her facebook for the second time.  I have a lot of respect for her.  Why?

Because I'm addicted to facebook and I'm not planning on going to rehab anytime soon.


  1. hahahahahahahh kristen oda. i love you.

  2. My favorite post yet!

    and i totally misinterpret song lyric statuses too :D

    I'm posting this on my wall!