Thursday, March 10, 2011

Freshman Fifteen

Ahh the Freshman Fifteen.  I thought it was a joke until I actually got to college.  I'm pretty sure I haven't gained 15 pounds, but I've definitely gained a bigger butt.  It's just something that all freshman have to deal with, so we don't exactly judge each other because we're all gaining weight together.

The scary part is going home.  The first thing the people notice is if you've gained weight, and even if no one mentions it, you're all thinking it.  Great.  That leaves me a little over a month to lose this extra cushion.

If you knew me before I went to college, you'd be surprised that this would even be a problem.  I was basically a health freak and obsessed with working out.  I still work out a lot, but the whole food part has gone down hill.  It's not hard to eat healthy at home.  It's hard in college.  There are vending machines everywhere filled with mostly junk food.  Sometimes they have apples and string cheese, but those are gone in a matter of hours.  I think we're part of the problem.  We always stalk up on apples when they're available.  For example, my roommate bought three apples yesterday, and I bought two today.

Not only do the vending machines provide lots of temptation, the Cannon Center (where we eat most of our meals) has basically 20 different dessert options at every meal.  It was never really hard for me to pass up desserts before, but I'm not so strong anymore.

At BYU we don't get beer bellies, we get chocolate milk and ice cream bellies.  BYU wins the stone cold sober award almost every year, and we consume the most milk out of any university.  BYU has the best chocolate milk.  SO GOOD. We take pride in our  Creameries where they sell lots of quality ice cream, and I have a meal plan that pays for all the ice cream I want.  Like I said, I'm weak.

I may or may not have gone to the vending machines 
to buy milk solely for the purpose of this picture...

I have also found a love for nutella here.  Especially nutella and peanut butter sandwiches.  I got a craving for one yesterday, so I made one.  I had the bread, the peanut butter, and the nutella, but no knife.  Usually that's not a problem because I'll use a spoon or fork instead, but we didn't have those either.  I had to settle with a straw.  This was the result:
Turns out straws are only good for one thing, and it doesn't include spreading peanut butter.

I eat lots of bagels here too.  Today I ate breakfast at the Cannon Center and toasted a whole wheat bagel.  (At least I'm eating whole grains).  After it was all nice and golden brown I put cream cheese on it.  Or so I thought.  Then the cream cheese started to to melt, and I realized I had spread butter on my bagel.  Lots of butter.  I like butter, but I use it sparingly, and this was far from sparingly.  Since I've been programmed as a child to never waste food, I had to eat it.  I ended up scraping off the top half of my bagel to avoid all the butter.  It was kind of gross.

So when the semester's over and you see slightly chunkier freshman, try not to judge, because it's just reality.  It happens to the best of us, and when I say us, I mean ME.  Don't worry too much for our health; freshman year only happens once, and we'll eventually lose the weight over summer break.  At least that's what I tell myself...

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