Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Exciting Life #3

I've been done with class for about two hours now and I've already worked out, showered, and started my laundry.  I'm kind of proud of myself.

Speaking of laundry.  I HATE IT.  I like clean laundry, but the process of getting clean clothes is such a pain in the butt.  Usually I do my laundry about every two weeks or more; basically whenever I run out of underwear.  It's a good thing I don't have tons of underwear, or I'd never do my laundry.  So when I finally force myself in the basement with my overflowing laundry basket, the other washers are usually all full.  They're not actually washing though, the clothes are just sitting inside the machine because the other girls are too lazy to keep track of when their load is finished.  That's when you have two choices:

Choice #1: Wait around for the girl to finally come and get her laundry.

Choice #2: Grab the clothes of the anonymous girl and stack them on top of the washing machine and fill it with your own laundry.

Both of these choices stink.  Either you can wait around for who knows how long, or you can grab the clothes/underwear of a stranger and take the chance of the girl walking in on you in the middle of the act. Awkward.  I decided to the second choice.  Luckily no one saw. 

Today I also decided to straighten my hair for the first time in about a month, and then realized after 10 minutes of blow drying that I didn't want my hair straight for Luau tomorrow.  That made me mad.

So that's what's going on in my exciting life at the moment. (Actually I wrote this on Monday, but I'm posting this Tuesday).

Last week was different from the average week.  My friend Oscar came up to visit for a few days during his spring break.  It's hard for me to make these blogs about my life interesting, but I learned it's even harder to make your life seem exciting when you're trying to entertain a guest.  My life isn't that thrilling on the weekdays.

So the rest of the week was pretty uneventful, but then came Thursday, and then FRIDAY!  If I could sum up Friday's in one word it would be FUN FUN FUN FUN.  If you don't understand my enthusiasm, it's because you live under a rock and haven't seen the Rebecca Black music video for Friday.
I hope you enjoyed it.  I certainly have.  I've probably contributed about 30 views to the 30 MILLION views on youtube.  This time last week there were less than 3 million views and it skyrocketed.  I guess the term is viral.  It's like this sickness that she spread to the whole world through youtube.

So Saturday night we were just sittin around and decided to make a music video in honor of Rebecca Black.  I now have all the words memorized.  I was gonna post the video, but I don't know if it's on youtube.  If you want to make the effort, I'm tagged in it on facebook...

This has been another edition of My Exciting Life.

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  1. Hey, yeah i creeped on your Facebook and read the Facebook one and ended up here. But anyways, I have a question about Rebecca Black..Why does she go to the bus stop and get picked up by her friends? And isn't she like 12? That bring me to the question how old are her friends? How old is the kid driving? My mom would never let me hang out with 16 year olds when i was 12. Haha And last how do 12 year olds party?