Monday, February 6, 2012

Why I'm going to be a horrible wife

Let's be honest, I'm gonna be an awesome wife; I'm not gonna let myself go and get fat once I tie the knot.  And the reason why I'll stay thin??


Which is also the reason I'm going to be a horrible wife...But we live in a modern world, we don't have to fill the roles that society places on us!  So my husband can go to work, and then make dinner.  I'll do stuff like sit around and watch him make dinner.  Take that societal norms!

No, eventually I'll learn.  And maybe I'll actually cook, but I still hate it.  In this post I hadn't made a real meal yet, but last week I made my first legit meal -- Like I had to cook it and stuff -- It wouldn't have been worth it if it wasn't delicious japanese curry.
That's my "I LOVE CURRY" face.
I was nervous because I had to cook raw chicken, and I was making dinner for my roommates and another friend.  WHAT IF I DIDN'T COOK THE MEAT ENOUGH AND WE ALL DIED?  Well, we didn't die, and we didn't even get food poisoning.  Double win. 

I'm pretty much clueless when it comes to cooking, so when I bought the chicken I had no idea what I was doing.  Luckily Jenai was with me so she guided me through the whole process, but I ended buying 5 pounds of chicken.  Apparently I didn't need that much because I basically had the whole case of chicken left after I made curry.

It sat in the fridge for most of the week, but I finally decided to cook it and freeze it.  The whole pan frying took forever,  and the whole time I was freaking out because I didn't know if the chicken was cooked all the way.  Did I mention how much I hate cooking?  Since I had all this chicken I thought I might eat some for dinner.  I cooked some brown rice (yay healthy) in my trusty rice cooker, and applauded myself for preparing chicken AND rice in one meal.

Then I realized that I had absolutely nothing to eat the chicken and rice with.  Seriously, my options were soy sauce, peanut butter, jelly, relish, or mustard.  I chose mustard.

So my fancy meal consisted of chicken, brown rice, and stadium mustard.  Bon appetit! 
Wow, I didn't realize how pasty white I was till now.

Lots of bland chicken.


  1. Ahhhhh Kristen, Kristen, Kristen...u will eventually cross over to The Dark Side (like the rest of us foodies).

  2. Hey, I found your blog because I'm a religious studies student from Canada and was looking up Mormon blogs out of curiosity. I'm glad I found yours, it's funny and entertaining!

    I have no idea how little cooking you can do, but assuming the worst, try spinach. It's perfect as a salad (add some crumbled/shredded cheese, apple/pear slices, nuts/seeds, and a vinaigrette), in soups and stews, in scrambled eggs, or to healthy up any meal. Just saying. It's an awesome place to start and is too versatile to go to waste. Also, chicken and pork are usually done when the juices run clear (not pinky/cloudy looking).