Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How to Survive Valentine's Day if You're Single

I actually made a vlog about this, and spent way too many hours filming and editing, but I'm not going to post it.  I'm too embarrassed.  I'm much better at writing sarcastically, than talking enthusiastically to a camera. I was soo incredibly awkward. AWKWARD.  I think I'll stick with blogging for now.

How to survive Valentine's Day if you're single:

Tip #1: Buy yourself chocolate.  Preferably in bulk.  And it can't be any of that Hershey crap, make it the good stuff. 

Tip #2:  Complain about your singleness and how Valentine's Day is overrated.  Share these feelings on facebook for everyone to see.  Most likely your single friends will agree with you and you will feel a fleeting sense of camaraderie.

Tip #3:  Eat chocolate.

Tip #4:  Surround yourself with single friends.  Then talk about annoying couples.

Tip #5:  Eat more chocolate.

Tip #6:  Write yourself romantic poetry.  It's not weird.

Tip #7:  Finish off your chocolate.

 Tip #8:  Cry yourself to sleep.

Hey, I didn't say these tips would make it a good day.  The goal is to survive.  Yep, that's all the advice I have to give. 

P.S.  My roommates and I bought a heart shaped ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.  I've been looking forward to this for weeks. 


  1. I still want to see the vlog. Awkwardness makes for good ratings :)