Monday, August 1, 2011

The Oda kind of vacation.

I have never been to the beach.  Yep, I'm 19 and I still haven't swam in salt water.  I have been to lots of beaches off of Lake Erie and Lake Michigan, but those aren't exactly the same...

I used to complain about this.  I really love to pull the whole "deprived child" thing, but in reality, I'm really not.  I just like to complain about not going on awesome vacations.  (White People Problems).

As an Oda, we don't go on huge planned-out vacations.  We might visit family out in Washington, or go skiing, maybe drive to Erie, Pennsylvania and have a lower key beach vacation, but chances are we're not going to South Carolina, Myrtle Beach, or Outer Banks.  That was a really long sentence, but I'm too lazy to revise it. 

Once we did go on a real vacation.  We were going to Disney World over Spring Break when I was in 7th grade.  We were staying in a really nice Marriot Hotel with a huge pool and palm trees and valet parking where you pay even more to tip people who park your expensive car.  Pretty fancy yeah?  That's because we stayed there for free.  My dad was there for a business conference.

Anyway that was an awesome vacation until my dad's retina detached the first night.  Jenai, Lily, and I had to go to the parks by ourselves while my poor dad had to have surgery on his eye.  My parents also couldn't fly back with us because the pressure would be pop the gas bubble they put in his eye, so they got to drive back. 

And that ends my list of fancy rich people vacations.  The rest are like the one we just spent last week.  We drove to Michigan and stayed in this little cabin.

This was our shower.
I only took two showers the five days we were gone...
I felt like I was Laura Ingalls because our cabin was very similar to theirs.  We even had a ladder to the up stairs where Lily and I slept.
If you haven't already noticed, Lily made sure she was in all these pictures.
It was really fun though.  One day we rode jet skis.  That was way too much fun.  I want to be rich so I can have a lake house with boats and lots of jet skis.  Lots of them.  We also went on a dune ride.  That wasn't as fun, but still cool.

It was really duney.  And sandy.

Oh, and it's not an Oda road trip without a stop at Cabella's.

Probably the only place where a mannequin holds a gun.

We're attractive.

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