Thursday, August 11, 2011

I used to to be a tomboy.

I'm sure you're all shocked.

I drew a lot when I was little, played with cars, climbed trees, rollerbladed in our basement, and swung on our swing set.  I played with our doll house and occasionally some hand me down barbies, but that's because they were there.  I NEVER liked princesses.  They didn't do anything besides sing and wear dresses.  Plus, I wasn't born a princess, so why dream about it?  My first favorite color was yellow.  Then I started to spend more time with other girls and decided that my favorite colors were pink and purple.  If that's not an example of socialization, I don't know what is.  Well, after a few years I decided to screw pink and purple and girl stuff in general.  I didn't like it, and no one was going to make me.

And that's when I became a tomboy.      

I hated all girl clothes.  They were dumb and I wasn't going to wear them.  I wore soccer shirts and shorts.  Eventually I even started to shop in the boys section, but that was awkward and I got weird looks.  I remember having the same pair of shorts as a boy in my 5th grade class.  He wasn't thrilled about that.

Lily calls my shirt the Drake and Josh shirt.  Also, that tie is paper.

I bought that shirt in the boy's section at Khols.
 For a little while I was bitter that I was even a girl.  I used to get so mad that I had a 50/50 chance of being a boy and I ended up being a girl.  Haha don't worry, I've gotten over it, but I can empathize with my younger self.  Guys get to do all the fun things.  Girls Scouts?  Lame.  All they're good for is those delicious cookies.  The guys in church get to go on those High Adventure trips, and we go to girls camp.  Boys can pee standing up; I'm jealous of that fact when I'm crouching in a dirty port-o-potty.

Eventually I got over the whole tomboy stage.  By 6th grade I was wearing mostly girl clothes, but nothing crazy.  Basically I was wearing girl jeans with a t-shirt.  Well, I never got over THAT stage, except now I force myself to wear something nice at least two times a week.  Excluding summer. 

boy shirt, boy necklace, boxers. 

I was so cute.

Hahahaha.  Look at Lily.

First day of 5th grade. 
First day of 7th grade.  I refused to look nice the first day like all the other girls.

I HATED that dress.
Sorry for the quality of the photos.  We don't have a good scanner, so I had to take pictures of the pictures.  I couldn't find any photos of when I was actually wearing boy clothes.  These are all from 4th grade on, once I cooled it a bit. 

I'm not a tomboy anymore, I wear girls clothes all the time now.  Yayy!  But that doesn't mean I've fully converted, I'm too lazy to do that.  Athletic clothing is just so much more comfortable.  I really do enjoy fashion, and there are many types of clothing I love to see other girls wearing, but I would never wear them.  It's just too much work and I wouldn't want to wear that all day.

Here's a list of all the things I've purchased this summer.  Excluding gifts and food.
  • Running shorts
  • 3 hats
  • 2 spandex capris
  • 2 pairs of running shoes
  • 2 bike jerseys
  • 3 sports bras
  • Bike shoes
  • Bike pedals
  • Bike tires
  • Triathlon entry fee
Notice how I haven't bought a single item of clothing I can wear to school.  Last week I was online shopping -- the only shopping I enjoy -- and I had a ton of clothing I was going to buy on sale from urban outfitters.  Everything was a pretty good deal, but I couldn't make myself buy it.  I have no problem buying everything else, but once it's nice clothing I'm hesitant. I waited too long, and half of the clothing sold out.  Oh well.

So I'm not a tomboy anymore, but it's something that will always be a part of me.  My future children better not like princesses.


  1. In the basketball picture, you kinda look like the boy I babysit...

  2. that shirt does look like the shirt the fat kid wears in drake and josh. I was introduced to that show recently by my nieces. so im like totally cool now

  3. um i was the same way and both of my girls came out of the womb loving pink and all things princess and frilly. you do not get to choose your children's personality, that is a promise!