Thursday, August 4, 2011

The County Fair

I went to the Medina County Fair a couple of days ago with my family.  Who else would I go with?  The whole time I was there I kept thinking, I have to blog about this.  It's a gold mine of writing material.

I should probably start from the beginning.  That would be my childhood when I was in 4-H.  Hey, I was homeschooled back then; obviously I needed another cool outlet for my social skills.  For those of you who don't know what 4-H is, shame on you.  Just kidding, I don't really care.  Basically all those posters and projects at the fair that you never look at are made by 4-H kids.  They're also those farm kids who show their sheep, cows, and other smelly animals.
So many boring posters.  A few years back, my archery poster was up there too.

Yay organizing!  I bet her mom made her do that project.

Haha I'm so immature.

I wasn't one of those farm kids with livestock though.  No, I showed much cooler things like artwork, knitting, guinea pigs, and archery.  BUT I won showmanship for my guinea pig project.  That means I was the nerd who knew all the information.  My guinea pig also won first place for his breed.  He may or may not have been the only white crested breed...Also, I went to State Fair for my archery project.  Before you get excited, I didn't win some archery shootout.  It just means my poster was better than the others. 

Man, I'm not helping myself out.

So as a 4-H student, I had a very different view of the County Fair.  It meant procrastinating till the last day to finish my fair project, judging, trash can painting, booth decorating, and the most busy/social week of my summer.  Now that I haven't been in 4-H for many years, I saw the fair from the typical fair-goer's eyes.

It was freaking weird. 

The fair seems almost pointless, and very trashy.  You might walk around the animals, but that's only entertaining for so long.  Then you buy fair "food."  That's the main reason you went to the fair anyway.  Then you walk around some more.  Then you risk your life on a fair ride, and possibly lose your previous meal afterwards.   Then you walk around more.  Then eat more fattening food.  Then you go home.

It seems like the county's most classy residents show up at the fair.  I saw lots of pregnant teenage girls.  I saw lots of rednecks.  I saw lots of booty shorts.  I saw lots of fat people.  Worst of all, I saw lots of middle school and high school students.
Is it just me, or do they all look exactly the same?
Like mother, like daughter.
I don't understand why people dress up for the fair.  You're going to be walking around for hours in the heat, surrounded by poop and animals.  You shouldn't get dressed up for that.  But that's just me.  I never look nice in the summer.  Never.

And here are more pictures for your entertainment.


These piggies were born that day!

The economical way to use your food.

That's Lily as a bee.
That's me as a cow.

Jenai used to do cake decorating too.  Though her cakes weren't so...bright.
I don't know how to end this post, so I'll leave you with some words of advice:  Don't judge humanity by the people you see at the fair.  If you do, you will leave feeling very depressed.


  1. dude. our country fair is this weekend. Not only can you see inmates at the fair picking up trash, but you also see the same type of people you were talking about. Oh, and my other favorite parts are the bands that preform.

  2. as a pregnant teenage redneck, im offended you dont think i have class