Thursday, May 5, 2011

wii Just Dance

I'm half Japanese, but that doesn't mean I actually enjoy Nintendo.  That includes the wii.  The only time I play it is to avoid awkward situations when people are over and I have nothing to entertain them with.  So if you've been to my house only a couple of times and played on our Wii, that means I was uncomfortable.  I probably shouldn't be saying this...

The Nintendo Wii was the first of its kind.  You actually have to move to play the games.  There are now a million different ways to look dumb while playing a video game.  Whether it was from virtual boxing, bowling, tennis, etc. you looked like a nerd who can't play the real sport.  Then a game called Just Dance came out.  It got people who normally don't dance to dance.  It's a pretty fun game to play with friends when you all look dumb together.

But sometimes people play by their lonesome.   Picture my dad alone, playing Just Dance, dancing to Spice Girls.  Actually, you don't have to, Lily and I made a video reenacting it.
 Basically this video is totally accurate.  My dad really did chase Lily up the stairs.  I really did run to grab the camera thrown from Lily's hand.  He really did say all those things at the end.  So since my dad made us swear that we wouldn't share the video of him dancing to the Spice Girls, we made a video to reenact it. 

My mom thinks the video is funny.  I'm just hoping my dad does too.

Oh, and here are some of the clips with the audio.  Kind of funny.


  1. This was so awesome! We have Just Dance 2 if your dad wants to borrow it and add to his repertoire.

  2. were uncomfortable when I visited you? hahah