Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Old Journal

Today I got my old journal out and flipped through the pages.  You know, those navy blue books, that say JOURNAL across the front?  (Well, if you're mormon you know what I'm talking about).  I got this journal on Christmas when I was five years old.  I finally filled the 200 pages last year, so basically in a matter of seconds you can see me transform from a little girl, to an annoying preteen, to an obnoxious teen, to a beautiful and virtuous woman.  Not really, my journal entries weren't that deep or meaningful.

The first couple of years, I was still too young to write anything comprehensible, so I'd tell my mom what to write, and then I might draw a picture to make it pretty.  

That was my first journal entry.  If you look closely, you will notice that it is a free verse poem that is slightly emo.  I don't know where all that talent went.

Then I started to write my own entries, and my spelling and handwriting was horrible.  Here is an example of just one said entry:

"on the fourth of July I bot my bike.  I wanted a bike so much that wenever mom or dad wood by sumthing that kost as much as a bike I olways say I cude hade goten a bike for that much money.  it is my favorit bike that Iv had.  it is a boys bike that is red.  I got a boys bike be cus all the Girl biks were pink or purple yuk!"

This example also perfectly exemplifies my tomboy stage that dominated a good three or four years of my life.  But I was right, those pink and purple bikes were ugly.

Not only did my handwriting, spelling, and writing abilities improve over the years, my artwork did too.  

Hey, that's pretty good for a six-year-old.
Then in 5th grade I found a new form of art.  Basically I added eyes, hands, and legs to any fruit, vegetable, or inanimate object I could find.
Everything's cuter with eyes right?
Sadly, the pictures stopped after a few years, and Stitch was my last picture I drew in my journal.  I was almost 11, it was time to move on. 
I really hate writing in my journal, but it is so extremely entertaining to read what you wrote from previous years.  It's even better because you can laugh at how stupid you were, but you're the only one reading it.  It's not as juicy as some girls' diaries are, I tried to keep them more sane, but I did have a few entries about a friend I was mad at, or some boy I liked.  I even wrote about my first kiss.  That entry was hilarious.

Switching subjects again.  This week I filled up my 30G iPod.  Yeah, I'm cool and musical like that.  In other words my iPod had around four thousand songs on it, but I only know about 25% of them.  Probably less.  I don't download my music illegally, but I don't exactly pay for it either.  I get all my albums from the library and rip them on my itunes.  That means I only know about three of the 10 songs on an album.  But I still think I'm cool.

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