Monday, May 9, 2011

Week of spiders and matine movies

So I decided to ditch the My Exciting Life title, because it's non-informative and really not that exciting.  Still the same system though. 

This week I had two encounters with spiders.

No.  They weren't that big or scary.  That doesn't matter though.  I'm normally not that scared of spiders, but both situations were different.  The first spider I saw was in our bathroom.  It was just chillin out on the ceiling, and since it wasn't goin' anywhere I didn't give it much thought and left it there.   Later that night I was taking a shower and the same spider crawled in and joined me.  Something about being naked makes you feel much more vulnerable, which was probably why I was terrified.  Then I killed it with a bottle of shampoo.

A couple days later I was eating a frozen banana at the kitchen table.  (If you didn't already know, frozen bananas are DELICIOUS).  So all the sudden I felt something on my arm.  Great.  Another spider.  Since this time I was clothed, I wasn't so scared and casually flicked it off.  Instead, I smashed it on my arm.  I finished eating the banana, and then I washed my arm.

I've seen three movies since I've been home, and two of them have been matine showings.  That's when you know you have nothing going on in your life.  I saw Source Code with Lily, and a couple days later I saw Atlas Shrugged with my mom.  Yeah, I'm cool. 

I thought Atlas Shrugged was decent, but if I hadn't known Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism, I probably wouldn't have understood the movie very much.  I don't agree with her idea about faith or religion, and she's got a seriously twisted opinion of sex, but everything else is pretty good.  Junior year we read Anthem and I loved the book.  I wanted to read more of Rand's stuff so I read The Fountainhead for a project last year.  Right after we got home from the movie, I went to the library to get Atlas Shrugged.  I'm such a nerd.  I've been to the library at least 5 times in the past two weeks.

It runs in the family.
So today I was looking through my parents camera, and I found some pictures I forgot about.  Two Christmases ago Lily and I decided to take close up pictures of our eyes.  It was harder than expected.
My eye.
Lily's eye.
Look at the camera Mom, it looks creepy now.
Maya's eye.
  Maya is our little cousin, and obviously she's 100% japanese, so her eye could only get so big... 

I'm pretty sure you guys have no interest in all these grossly close pictures of our eyes, but too bad.  I'm in charge here.

I've been getting some nice feedback from you guys, and I'm mostly writing these blogs for your entertainment, so let me know of any topics you'd like me to write in my weekly rants.  Oh, and maybe you could tell every single person you know about my blog?  But I'm not gonna beg or anything, I'm above that.

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  1. I have totally been to the library 3 times since being home too. And I'm totally going to read Anthem this summer. And maybe even Atlas Shrugged? lol. I miss youuuuuu