Monday, May 16, 2011

Week of saddle sores and sandwiches

Last week I got to hang out with my favorite friend, Teresa.  It was a b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l day, so we went biking on the towpath.
Teresa took this picture last summer.
Also from last year.  Like my pretty bike?

We had to take at least five pictures to get this.
I love the towpath because there aren't hills.  I love biking because it's not running.  Last year Teresa and I would bike 20 miles easy.  The problem was I hadn't sat on a bike seat since last August.  About three minutes into the ride my butt started to hurt.      

A LOT.  

By the end of the ride I felt like my butt was going to die.  Afterwords I couldn't sit normally on any chair and it even hurt to walk.  I don't understand saddle sore.  It feels like your butt muscles are bruised all the way to the bone.  Like a nerd, I looked up saddle sore on wikipedia, but it explained it as a skin ailment, which was definitely not my problem.

Enough about my rear end.

I've been making some AWESOME sandwiches lately.  And I'm not talking about the sandwiches I make at Subway (though those are amazing too), I'm talking about the sandwiches I make in the comfort of my home.  My mom bought Schwebel's Jewish Rye bread last week.  AKA sandwich making time.
Doesn't that look marvelous?  That delicious sandwich right thar is made of rye bread, swiss cheese, turkey lunchmeat, spinach, and Stadium Mustard.  Lightly buttered and toasted on the stove.  I can't even describe how good this sandwich is.  I do prefer pepper jack over swiss, but it's not like we have the selection of a Subway.

I also had another encounter with a spider today.  It was the evil twin of the spider in the shower from last week.  Or it was the same spider back from the dead.  Either way, I freaked out because once again it appeared while I was naked in the shower.  This time it was on the ceiling above me, so it could've fallen on top of my head at any moment.  Needless to say, I ended my shower quickly.  Then it crawled over to the ceiling vent/fan and got sucked up. 

Oh, and remember how I mentioned in this post that my mom said those two ridiculous princesses looked like the Cinderella's evil stepsisters?

Looks like she was right.

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