Thursday, April 30, 2015

Why I'd make an awesome girlfriend/wife.

I am a single, 23 year old woman.  In other words, I am in the hunt for a man to make my husband.  Or so you would assume considering I am Mormon and at BYU.  But in case you were wondering--I am actually not currently searching to get hitched.  I'm not avoiding it, but it's really not what I'm basing my happiness and success off of right now.  It's something that I don't want to waste my effort/worry on.  If it happens it happens.  If not, then I'm glad I didn't spend how many months/years worrying over my singleness.

But as chill and put-together as I may sound, that doesn't mean I don't think about relationships and marriage.  I actually think about it quite a lot because like I said, I am 23 and at BYU.  You can't just avoid conversations about relationships;  they make up half (or more) of the conversations I hear or are part of.  Really, I might have recently stopped worried about finding someone and getting hitched, but I do wonder why all the guys aren't fawning over me.  Why they're not falling head over heals for me.

Did that seem conceited?  A bit arrogant?  Of course it did.  I have this problem (is it really a problem?) where I think fairly (ok, very) highly of myself.  Heck, I'm freaking awesome and sometimes I wonder why all the guys out there don't think the same of me.  So here's a list of why I'd make an AWESOME girlfriend/wife.  And yes, I was the person who compiled it.  You can add on if I miss any.

1.  I'm fit and work out (sometimes).
2.  I shower often.

3.  I love steak.

4. I drive a minivan.

5. I like to party.

6. I'm hard working.

7. I'm freaking sexy.

8. My style is equally sexy.

9. I'm a serious blader.

10. I'll get naked for you.  As long as you pay me back.

11. I have an awesome smile.

12.  But most importantly: I can cook...really good popcorn.

I mean, I'd date me...


  1. You're hilarious. This is perfection. <3 (Insert crying laughing emoji here.. I feel so disabled on computers now...)

  2. I laughed when I got to number 10, that was hilarious.

  3. I laughed when I got to number 10, that was hilarious.