Monday, March 30, 2015

10 signs that you have an overactive/child size bladder

I live a good life.  A blessed life.  A life filled with awesome things like Netflix and ice cream.  But I also live the life of a small bladdered woman.  What's it like to have a small bladder?  Well, today I went to the bathroom five times in a a five-hour work shift.  All because I drank 3/4 of a water bottle.

 It's not like this is a rare thing; if I'm somewhat hydrated, chances are I have to pee.  And if not, I'll probably have to in 5 minutes.  This is no laughing matter and trips to the bathroom are a big part of my life, so I thought I'd make a list of 10 signs you have an overactive/child size bladder.  Just in case you're not sure.

10 signs you have an overactive/child size bladder

1.  You can't sleep-in past 8 am because you have to pee.
2.  Your most recurring dream is one that involves you searching for a freaking toilet that either isn't broken, in a unisex bathroom without stalls, or out in the public for everyone to witness.
3.  You don't drink fluids on road trips or plane rides.
4.  You sit in the isle seat on planes so you have easier access to those scary small contraptions that suck away your waste instead of flushing it.
5.  Ordering a large drink is more of a punishment than an upgrade.
6.  You are highly experienced and skilled at urinating in a squating position.
7.  You can pee anywhere and have marked your territory on many a location.
8.  The last 30 minutes of a movie in a movie theater is super painful because you've been holding it for over an hour.
9.  You know the location of the restrooms in all the buildings you frequent often.
10.  You write blog posts about your bladder.

I hope this was educational and informative.  For those of you that are blessed with larger bladders, I hope you could get a glimpse of what I have to deal with on a hourly basis.  And for those that can empathize with me--I hope your life will be filled with clean public bathrooms, and a plethora of toilet paper (if you're a girl).

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