Sunday, March 1, 2015

Thoughts while I worked on a take-home exam.

Just a little background information: Last night (a Saturday night, mind you) I was spending way more time on a take-home essay/exam than I wanted and these were some thoughts I had (and obviously recorded on my phone).  Funny how I was able to find memes that had to do with my very thoughts.  Looks like I'm not alone.

  • Take-home exams always sound better than a regular exam--until you have to do them.
  • Why do they make the due date on a weekend at midnight?  My procrastination and social life are not getting along at the moment.
  • The goal was to finish this exam at 9pm, but it's due at midnight, so I guess I always knew what time I'd actually finish.
  • It's hard to write papers while fasting.   Now I have to find all my distractions through the internet.
  • Maybe writing my paper on my bed lying down wasn't a good idea.
  • I wonder what it's like to live a life without procrastinating...probably boring.
  • Taking an exam is like dying by bullet in the head.  Take home exams are like getting your finger nails ripped from your hands and then slowly starving to death in the Sahara Desert.  
    I guess Spongebob just really relates to this post.
  • I really shouldn't have taken that two hour nap.
    Hey, the meme swore, not me.
  • Did I really just write this sentence? "Once I saw both ways, the structure and idea that what I see is really what exists, was broken, I was able to understand the truth."  I need to stop.
In case you were wondering, I wrote two essays.  The first was pretty good and the second was pretty bad.  I finished at 11pm.  

And no, I'm not writing this blog post to avoid my homework due tomorrow...

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