Monday, March 26, 2012

How to Write a Really Long Paper

So I'm an English Teaching major, and I'm taking three English classes this semester.  In other words, all I do is read a lot and write tons of papers.  But seriously, I write so much.  Most of it is easier stuff that I can whip out in less than an hour, but I have plenty of other papers that make me want to die.

This last paper was no exception.  It had to be around 10 pages, which isn't totally horrible, but when it's for an actual writing class, those 10 pages actually have to be good.  What a concept.  Anyway, I planned to finish all my homework early in the weekend, so I'd have most of Saturday and Sunday to write my paper.  And that's exactly what I did.  Not.

I can proudly say that I did finish all my homework by Saturday, but then I hit a wall when I realized that there was nothing left to do but start my paper.  And that's why I first went on six mile run, showered, did my dishes, cleaned my room, vacuumed the apartment, and practiced my cello (something I hadn't done in over a year).  Oh, and then I went to the Hunger Games.  IT WAS SO AWESOME.

The next day wasn't much better.  I went to church for three hours, and it also happened to be the last Sunday of the month so I had to visit teach and be visit taught.  PROCRASTINATION INCEPTION.  I also made dinner.  Real meal number 3.  I was really avoiding that paper.
Kimchi and spam fried rice. 

This is a happy plate. 
I could go on, but I didn't really start my paper till around 10pm.  I made myself stand up while I typed so that I'd just get it over with.  I was in bed by midnight.  BAM.
It looked kind of like this.  Except this is when I was writing a different paper.

And that's how you write a really long paper.  Kind of.

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