Saturday, September 3, 2011

Back in Happy Valley

For those of you who aren't mormon, Happy Valley is the same as Utah Valley.  Which includes Provo.  Which means I'm back at BYU.  Yayyy.

This past week seems really long.  That gives off a negative vibe, but it's not meant to.  It just seemed really long.

I moved in last Friday, and was the last of my roommates to get here.  I was also the last to unpack.  I finally finished yesterday... I really like our apartment setup.  We have two bedrooms and two bathrooms with plenty of space, but it's just kind of ancient and crappy.  Livin' the college life bro.  I wouldn't really complain about the crappiness, except I don't like it when we have water spilling from our ceiling and random maintenance workers in our living room.

Sorry, bad camera phone.
Basically they tore our ceiling apart because there was water everywhere inside.  Or something like that.

I also got a job!  All I did was look at the available jobs on BYU's website, call the MTC, show up to the orientation an hour later, and I was hired.  Easy right?  Apparently not many people want to wash dishes for thousands of 19 year old missionary boys.  Oh well, it's a job.  And jobs mean money.  And I like money.

I've also been walking everywhere.  That includes the social security building because I'm a tard and left my ss card in Ohio.  I also walk to work, which is about 1.18 miles away.  (I looked it up, don't judge).  I find it funny how I used to drive to work in Ohio when I lived only .8 miles away.  (Obviously looked that up too).  I didn't even ride my bike.  I was so lazy.

Yeah so with all this walking and not eating/cooking, I'm lookin' pretty good.  Don't worry mom, I'm still eating plenty of fruits and vegetables.  Just not much else besides that and sandwiches.  I guess I'm still lazy.

Oh, and I have friends again; it's a nice change.


  1. Koda! Call me for a ride if you need one! That's the reason why we have the car now!!!! Love you!