Wednesday, February 16, 2011

wind/snow/genius plan

At this moment I am stranded in the Maeser building.  For those of you who aren't familiar with the BYU, it's basically in the corner of campus out on its own.  That's not why I'm stranded.  I'm stranded because it's snowing and I'm wearing flip flops.  Why am I wearing sandals when it's snowing?  Because earlier today it was 60 freaking degrees. Stupid snow.

This isn't the first time the weather ruined my plans today.  Earlier I went skiing with my good buddy Jacob.  We were pumped because it was a Wednesday and no one would be on the mountain.  We were disappointed to learn that the back mountain was closed because of the wind.  We were annoyed when they closed the top of the mountain.  We were pissed when they closed the WHOLE mountain.  Well maybe not Jacob, but I was.  Stupid wind.

Obviously this beautiful day was last week, not today.  
I'm the hottie in the stripes.  Jacob.  Cody.

Ok, status update.  I am now sitting in my dorm room.  My evil plan worked!  Actually it's not evil at all, it's genius.  Since I didn't want to walk back to my dorm in the snow, I sat on the main floor of the Maeser with my laptop and started to blog.  I didn't blog just to express my anger to everyone via internet, I also blogged to pass time.  I wanted to pass time because I knew my writing professor would be descending the steps right in front of me in the next few minutes.  I was correct. 

This is the scene/dialogue that I hoped would transpire:

"Kristen, what are you still doing here?"
"I'm waiting for the snow to stop before I walk back to the dorms."
"Well let me give you ride!"

Basically, everything went according to plan.  I got a ride home in my professor's car.  The heated seats were a bonus.  Next goal: dinner at her home.  That's when I'll truly be impressed with myself.  Hey, if my plan worked so well today, why is this one any different?

P.S.  I just read this over, and it sounds like I'm a total creeper.  I probably am, but there was a reason why I knew my Writing Professor would be leaving the Maeser Building when she did.  I was there because she was offering extra credit to those who attended an event where winners of this writing contest read their essays aloud.  She was the coordinator for it, so obviously she was there too.  The end.

P.P.S.  I need to clear up another thing because I have a guilty conscious.  I'm not exactly proud of myself for manipulating my professor for a ride, I happen to like and respect her, so I was flattered that she offered to help.  Ok, now I'm done.

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