Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I kind of like this whole blogging thing.  When I don't feel like doing homework, I can blog and not feel so guilty.  It's basically like writing in a journal, so I guess there's much worse things I could be wasting my time with.

Right now I'm sitting in the library.  I'm trying to find more sources for my research paper about homeschooling.  Interesting topic right?  If you didn't know, I was home schooled until fourth grade. 

You're probably thinking, "But Kristen, you're so cool and outgoing, there's no way you could've been a lame homeschooler!!"  Well, thank you, but it's true.  I've had plenty of time since fourth grade to adjust myself to the social norms.  So basically I had to conform.  Yes, I am a conformist and if you're normal, so are you.  Can you tell that I'm taking a sociology class?  There's always those exceptions, but I knew a lot of homeschoolers and the majority of us were kind of weird.

Here's the problem: Though I personally believe that homeschooling can affect students socially, I'm arguing that it doesn't in my research paper.  Great.  There's so many pros and cons to homeschooling, I can't form an opinion.  That's why I'm picking the side with the most evidence...

I think I'm indecisive because I'm still not sure if I'm glad that I was homeschooled.  I was able to be taught from my mom in a loving environment, etc.  but I'm also really glad that I stopped at an earlier age and went to school in fourth grade.  My first day/year in public school was interesting to say the least.  Public school is weird, and there's just some things about it that you won't learn anywhere else.  That environment just makes you tough.

Ok, I don't really know where I'm going with this.  I really should be doing more research about homeschooling, not blogging about it. 

So the moral of the story is: do your homework because you can't turn in a blog to your teacher.

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  1. If you need a real world example, MY children are the weirdest of the weird, and all of my friends that homeschool are a bunch of nut jobs.

    Something to think about: are the kids who homeschool weird BECAUSE they are homeschooled or would they be weird in public school too?

    I make sure to tease and publicly humiliate my children daily so they end up just like kids at public school. I don't think it is working, but giving swirlies is a ton of fun.