Monday, May 7, 2012

scary movies

I like to think that I'm a brave and strong person.  I don't freak out and squeal when I see a spider, I don't pee myself when I'm on a roller coaster (though I occasionally black out), and I'm not afraid of heights.  I'm pretty cool and composed for most situations, but that all goes down the toilet when I watch a scary movie.  I hate scary movies.  I hate them.  They are the worst.  Every time I watch a scary movie I promise myself that that will be the absolute LAST horror movie I will ever watch.  But then peer pressure by my so called "friends" happens and I find myself watching yet another scary movie against my will.

Once I realize that I will be watching a scary movie I have to mentally prepare myself.  This includes repeating encouraging phrases out loud like "I'm going to die,"  "I hate you all," "Why am I doing this," and "I'm never going to sleep."  Then I grab a pillow and hold it as a shield to protect me from all the scary parts during the movie.  

This is my face during the opening credits.
This is my face when I know I won't be sleeping for the next week.
And this is my face for the majority of the film.
The first scary movie I ever saw was The Ring.  Not only are asians good at math, they are also are good at making scary movies.  My own people betrayed me.  After I watched it I was certain that I was going to die from absolute terror or lack of sleep.  I also promised myself I would NEVER watch it again, but I got pressured into watching it again a few days ago.  This time I watched my pillow more than the screen.  I had worked 5+ years trying to forget that movie, so I wasn't going to let all that hard work go to waste. 
(My depiction of Samara/The Ring.  I was too afraid to actually look it up on Google images).
What makes The Ring so much scarier to me is the fact that we had a freaky old tv in our basement that would randomly turn on and do that fuzzy screen thing like in the movie.  I would walk downstairs with the lights turned off and find the tv doing that.  No one had turned the tv on.  IT TURNED ITSELF ON!! Samara was going to kill me.  This happened a few more times and then I solved the problem by unplugging the tv and covering the screen with a blanket.  Genius, I know.  Then later on, when I was less freaked out, I tried to solve the mystery of our haunted tv and discovered that the self timer was set to turn the tv on by itself.  It took me awhile to find that amusing.

The moral of the story is, I'm a baby. 

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  1. I get scared by stupid things such as spiders and rollercoasters and I hate it. However, I love being scared by scary movies. How did you survive in that haunted house in Provo (the dollar one) that I saw you at last year?! There was a Samara girl in it!!