Sunday, July 17, 2011

My way of dressing up

Out of my whole public school experience, I've only ever worn a skirt or dress to school about three times.  I was forced to.  That doesn't mean I don't like dressing up.  I loved Homecoming week and other random spirit days because I could wear some ridiculous outfit to school.  It made the school day a little less boring, plus I some classes offered extra credit. 

My theory with dress up days is GO ALL OUT.  People would ask me if I was embarrassed for my outfits, but I really think it's more embarrassing to only dress up a little.  I see it as a sign of weakness.

I was a little less self-assured my freshman year, but I still dressed up.   I don't have a picture, but on Halloween I wore Lily's fish head costume to school.

Just imagine me walking through the packed hallways with this on my head.  It was a fun day.

These next pictures are from homecoming week my Junior year.

70s day

80s day

cross country crazy day
These are from senior year.

Nerd day

Harry Potter vs. Twilight.  We won.

Tube sock day.  We took it the next step up.

Neon day.  Lily wants me to add that I took all the neon things in our house so she couldn't dress up.

Cross country crazy day.
Senior year I also dressed up like a banana.

Obviously this isn't me, but I wore this the whole day.  The theme was "Be Who You're Not" day.  That was basically giving me permission to dress as ANYTHING I wanted.  All day I kept telling people, "I'm not normally a banana."

I love dress up days.  I can't wait to wear a costume on BYU campus for Halloween.


  1. hahahaah i just want you to wear that pink wig on campus someday
    i comment on like all your a stalkertard

  2. Hahah I'm a big big fan of the fish head. I'd like to witness you wearing that one day.

  3. you forgot the night you danced around helaman in a tutu. newspaper tutu! although that is a weak dress up in comparison to these.