Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Grad Parties

It's graduation party season.  There's not too much to a grad party, but I have a lot to say about them.  First of all, I'm not really a fan.  It makes driving through neighborhoods nearly impossible.  SO MANY PARKED CARS.  Also, the invites clog up my facebook events section.

Grad parties are all basically the same.  They have food, strangers, and pictures.  No matter what party you attend, you can count on all three.  Though all grad parties are similar, there are different categories that I like to group them in.  They tend to correlate with the type of student the graduate is.

The normal non-exciting student:  Probably has his/her party scheduled from 3-7pm.  Has a decent amount of food.  Comfortable setting.  Most guests attending are adults you don't know.  Some students.  Cornhole.

The mormon student:  As mormons, we are pretty good friends with the members in our ward, so we basically invite all the families from our congregation.  That means a lot of little kids running around.  Lots of grownups.  Lots of food.  Some students if they haven't already booked it.  Cornhole.

The band/choir student:  All their band or choir friends plus their parents.  Beware.  Probably good food, but I don't really know.  I usually avoided these parties.  Karaoke. Bonfire.  Cornhole.

The popular/party student:  Long party, goes past midnight.  Adults are totally drunk, which means the students are definitely drunk too.  Loud music.  Tons of people.  Cornhole.

Now that I've categorized the types of graduation parties, I will proceed to explain why I am awkward with the whole grad party situation.

Why I'm awkward attending grad parties
  • Stare at the facebook invite and try to decide if I'm good enough friends to go to this person's party.  
  • Attend a party because my friends were going, but I'm not actually friends with the person.
  • Take the chance and show up to a party solo.  
  • Finally find the address and walk up to the house.  Can't decide if I should go through the front door or just walk around to the back yard.
  • Show up and none of my friends are there yet.
  • Awkwardly smile at strangers until I find someone I know.
  • Show up starving and realize they only have cold tacos.
  • Eat anyways because I don't know what else to do.
Why I was awkward hosting my grad party:
  • Felt like a desperate person reminding people to come to my party on facebook.
  • Unsure if anyone would show up.
  • No one showed up the first hour.
  • Hugged people I didn't want to hug.
  • Let people stare at pictures in my scrap book.
  • Let people take wallet sized of me home.

I don't know, maybe I'm just an awkward person, but this list seems pretty legit.

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  1. hahahahahh no one showed up the first hour. thats unusual in the mainland. i would have showed up early for you.