Monday, June 6, 2011

Dirty Work

I have a job at Subway, but I'm not getting nearly enough hours to make good money.  Lucky for me, my parents have lots of projects going on, and they need my help with yard work.  On Saturday I cut and rolled sod from our yard.  I was very surprised to discover how extremely heavy two inches of earth can be.  Sod is kind of cool though.  It's like a shag carpet.  FROM THE GROUND.
Doesn't it look like a cinnamon roll?  Or maybe poop...
This one looks like a snake.  Duh.

Today we got lots of dirt and moved it around.  Hey, it's a lot harder than it sounds.  I also mowed our neighbor's lawn who's out of town.  I raked all the cut grass because their lawn is growing ridiculously fast and looked horrible.

I am very tired now.  My dad passed on words of wisdom to me that his mom used to tell him. 

"It's better to work with your head than your back."

Man I'm glad I'm going to college.  I couldn't do yard work all day.  I'm pooped.

Also, there was something pecking and banging against our window the other day. 
It was this cardinal.

Stupid bird.  They never seem to understand the concept of windows.

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