Saturday, October 15, 2011

Really important things, and more crappy phone pictures

This is sad.  I feel like I never have time to blog anymore because I'm always busy.  I'm either sleeping, studying, homeworking (just invented that word), going to class, exercising, or working.  But seriously, that's basically all I do on the weekdays.  Whenever I have free time I feel like I should be studying.  College can be annoying like that.

But today is Saturday.  And that means I'LL DO WHAT I WANT.  So I'm gonna blog.  Just about what's been goin' on in my life since I haven't done that for awhile. 

Things that are going on in my life that mean nothing to you and everything to me:

1)I'm running the Halloween Half Marathon.  Yep.  It should be interesting.  I already have two black toes, so I must be doing something right.  I mostly want to run in this particular event because we can wear halloween constumes.  I'm open for suggestions.

2)  Provo is ugly except for the mountains.  I've gone biking twice in Utah, and both times I rode on a trail up the canyon.  I wanted to cry it was so pretty.
Wait, you don't bike next to waterfalls? That's weird.

Well, it's much prettier in person.  All I had was my phone.

3)  I hate my Sociology 310 class.  Yeah, so I'm taking two sociology classes this semester because it's my major, but I discovered that I kind of hate it. My 310 class is basically a philosophy class and it makes me want to die.  Want to know the differences between Hobbes and Locke?  Locke is the religious version of Hobbes.  That's about it.  Okay, well I could also compare and contrast Hobbes and Locke with Kant and Hegel.  Would you like me to do that?  Of course not, because it sucks.

On a side note: we're currently learning about Karl Marx and he's the first philosopher I actually agree with.  I'M A COMMUNIST.  Just kidding, but really.  If you disagree with Marx, you basically have no heart.  My professor explained that the ideal communist society according to Marx would be the set up of Star Trek.    It didn't take me long to realize how nerdy my class was.  But think about it; Star Trek is totally communist.  And awesome. 

4)  I recently decided I want to be a teacher.  So even though I hate my Sociology class, it gave me the mental breakdown I needed to figure out what I actually wanted to do with my life.  And I decided on high school language arts teacher.  Don't laugh! That's insulting.  But I can understand your confusion since I hated school so much.  I always told myself I would never be a teacher and then I realized that I actually would like to be a teacher.  I hated a lot of things about high school like the cliques, drama, bad teachers, and math.  But if I'm the teacher I don't have to deal with those things.  I lied.  I'll never escape that, but at least it's not middle school...

I also plan on being the cool teacher.  That's really all I want.